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Credentialing status (coming soon)

 Billing a scheduled visit

Step 1: Open the online charge slip.

Step 2: If billing for a visit which has occured today, select the provider from the drop down list. If billing for a visit which has occured in the past, select the date of the visit from the calendar first.

Step 3: With the provider already selected, a list of patients/clients for that day and for that provider will appear on the left side. To bill the visit click the outside procedure code box (marked by arrow "1"), followed by the diagnosis code (marked by arrow "2"), followed by "Process" (marked by arrow "3"). Once the visit has been billed the patient/client name will disappear from the list on the left.

Helpful hints :

Using a diagnosis code not on the list - Click on any part of the blank white boxes in the diagnosis codes box, type in the numeric diagnosis (i.e. 296.23, 314.01, etc.) and click the "tab" key on your keyboard. If the number you have used is valid, the diagnosis will appear in the box and be automatically selected.

Supervised clinicians - You may have multiple provider profiles (i.e. one supervised provider profile and one unsupervised provider profile). For billing purposes you will select your name each time it appears on the drop down list in step 2 and bill for each profile separately.

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