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Credentialing status (coming soon)

Entering demographics

Patient demographics may be accessed by clicking on icon located on the far left of the toolbar.

Patient Name Enter in the format Last, First M
Chart Number: Disregard this field
Responsible Party Name Enter in the format Last, First M
Apt/Ste# Enter the apartment or suite number
Address Enter the patient's address
Zip Code Enter the patient's zip code (check to make sure city and state populate)
Sex Enter the patient's gender
Title: Enter the patient's title
Preferred Phone This field will automatically default to the most common area code based on the zip code.
Enter the phone number without using any dashes (for example: 1234567890 will appear as (123) 456-7890
Email: (Optional)Enter the patient's e-mailĀ 
Confidential Select confidential communications mode, if needed.
Marital Status: Enter the patient's marital status from the drop down list.
Date of Birth Enter the patient's date of birth in a MMDDYYYY format.
This field will automatically format to MM/DD/YYYY format.
Deceased: Disregard this field
Financial Class: This field associates an allowable fee schedule with the patient's charges
Only carriers for which your practice is in network will appear on this list
Select "CM" if you do not see the patient's insurance carrier on the list
Select "SP" for full fee self-pay patients
Provider profile: Select the appropriate provider or provider/supervisor profile
Be sure to select the provider or provider/supervisor profile that matches existing authorizations
If you need to add providers or provider/supervisor profiles, please contact Mark Gallegos
Employer: (Optional)
HIPAA Relationship: Disregard this field
Insurance Order: Disregard this field
Click "Save"



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