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Adding Insurance Coverage


  1. Click the Patient icon .

  2. Select the Insurance tab.

  1. The starting Effective date will default to 10 days before the current date. Please be sure the Effective date pre-dates the oldest date of service for which this insurance coverage is being used. The ending Effective date does not need to be entered unless the patient's insurance becomes inactive.

  2. In the Carrier field click the ellipsis to search for a carrier code, name or address. If the carrier code is known, simply enter the code and tab to the next field. If the carrier code is unknown, simply enter % in the search field and tab to the next field to show all carriers. If the carrier is not listed add the carrier.

  3. If this is the first insurance entered for the patient, the Coverage field will default to Primary. If this is the second insurance entered, and the first is still active, the Coverage field will default to Secondary. This can be changed manually, if desired.

  1. The responsible party defaults as the Subscriber. If the subscriber is not the responsible party, click the Subscriber button to select or add a different subscriber.

    1. Click the Patient is Subscriber or Family Member is Subscriber buttons (the patient or responsible party address information will default), or clear the screen and enter all information. The Social Security # field is optional.

    2. Click Save.

    3. Click Close.

  1. Upon returning to the Insurance Information screen, update the Subscriber ID if necessary.

  2. IMPORTANT: Select the Relationship of the patient to the subscriber using only SELF, SPOUSE, or CHILD.

  3. Enter the Group Name and Number.

  4. Enter the Copay as either a dollar amount or a percentage. This amount will automatically default in any time you collect a copay from the patient.
  5. Select the patient's Student Status, if applicable. The options are Part Time and Full Time.
  6. Click Save. The coverage will be added to the insurance coverage grid.
  7. Click Clear to add the next insurance carrier, should secondary coverage exist. The top of the screen shows the sequence number, indicating the insurance carrier you are entering.





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