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Exciting Announcement Coming Fall 2017!
Have you ever experienced a two day turnaround?
New record - Session to payment in two days!
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Are you using the highest-reimbursing and most accurate CPT and revenue codes?
Miscoding costing providers billions in lost revenue
Welcome to PMC.
Let the power of our knowledge and technology work for you to gain back the revenue insurance companies are working so hard to take away. Payment can be only days away instead of months. Our friendly staff is comprised of former finance, insurance, and mental health professionals who know the secrets to maximizing revenue and getting paid. Additionally, our comprehensive computer system is not only all electronic and efficient, it uses the best parts of the technology similar to what many major insurers use – decreasing payment time and denials.  Furthermore, with higher-than-banking level security you can be sure your data is safe and HIPAA compliant. Sign up today.
Receive payments in days instead of months
Check balances, run reports, view follow-up activity online 24/7

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